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SATELLITE 4.2.3 released

SATELLITE 4.2.3 has been released. (12th November 2005)

  • The main new features in 4.2.3 are:
    • Implemented text2string() for windows. (UTILITY)
    • Implemented coordinate label show/hide menu on GPM window. (GPM)
    • Supported 'BS' and 'DEL' key for Japanese keyboard on Linux (Shell).
    • Supported Xaw3d library for X Window system.
  • The following bugs has been fixed.
    • Module load error when temporary directory is invalid. (Shell)
    • Segmentation fault bug on the parser error in eval(). (BUILTIN)
    • EPS file output bug when 'landscape' orientation mode. (GPM)
    • Line drawing bug in GPM functions. (GPM)

SATELLITE 4.2.2 released

SATELLITE 4.2.2 has been released. (31st March 2005)

  • This is initial release of development version (4.x series).

SATELLITE 2.95 released

SATELLITE 2.95 has been released. (4th March 2005)

  • It is release for the maintenance of the SATELLITE 2.9x system for the UNIX/Linux environment developed in BPEL.

Overall revision of Web page

The Web page of SATELLITE was overall revised. (25th January 2005)

SourceForge.jp project started

The project of SATELLITE started in SourceForge.jp. (12th Feburary 2004)